Art of Eyewear

“Personality is Uniqueness.”
We believe in staying true to the original art of crafting eyewear by hand.
Every handmadeframe bares the uniqueness and personal touch of its master crafter.

Tradition & Technology

“Quick Turnaround”
We are constantly evolving production methods and adding new technologies to make our process more efficient.
We believe that your time is valuable that is why with our 3D technology we can produce your sample within one day upon approval of the design.


“Make your Frames Shine”
The polishing process is a top priority for us. We make sure that this step is not overlooked and the right amount of time is allocated to smoothen and perfect the finish of the eyewear.


“Measure the Unmeasurable.”
There is no one “perfect” fit, but through prototyping, market focused designing, and tailored manufacturing techniques our experience will produce eyewear to perfectly fit your segment sizing needs.

Freezing Room

“Specifications Captured.”
For large quanitity orders we make sure that your specifictions are consistent.
Our special freezing room service will ensure that your frames are properly cooled down and that their size remains the same untical delivery.


“Above the standard.”
To develop a quality product we not only have to select the best hinges, acetates, and 3D materials but also implement strict and effective quality control measures on all item

Our QC standard as follows:
  • Acetate Frame
    ·Accurate measurement by CNC milling.
  • ·Four days tumble polishing.
  • ·Minimum Two days cooling system for stable setting.

  • Metal Frame
    ·24 / 48 salt and sweat test
  • ·Spotless soldering by laser machine
  • ·EN12870 standard
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